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Dehydrated Dog Food: The Ultimate Guide - 翻译中...

What is dehydrated dog food?

Dehydrated dog food is a healthy, minimally processed dog food option suitable for dogs of all ages. It has rich flavors and high nutrient content which means your good kids get the most from the ingredients. Dehydrated food combines the best food in the world. The convenience of dry food and the many nutritional values and benefits of raw food (without the worry and confusion of bacteria). And it is very lightweight, dogs like this taste.

Dehydration is the process of removing water from raw materials while maintaining the nutrients and positive qualities of these raw materials. The moisture in the food is removed to create a light, nutritious, and healthy food that can replace "cooked" small grains and dry food.

Dry food has little effect on the nutritional value of ingredients, especially when compared with dry dog food and deeply processed canned dog food. When dog food is cooked (sometimes at a temperature above 500 degrees), it will kill many of the basic nutrients, enzymes, and proteins in the original ingredients. The dehydration process is gentle, effective, and ideal to maintain the main nutritional value of the ingredients. This process can ensure that your puppy is happy, healthy, and strong.

Is dehydrated dog food safe?

Among all kinds of dog food, dehydrated dog food such as dehydrated liver dog treats is one of the safest choices. The dehydration process removes water from the raw material, helping it to guarantee quality longer, especially when compared to raw food. This means a longer shelf life for you, without the need to find too many preservatives.

Combine a longer shelf life with healthier and more delicious ingredients, and you get food that is extremely safe for your dog.

How long is the shelf life of dehydrated dog food?

Dehydrated dog food, such as dehydrated beef lung, depending on the brand and product line, usually has a shelf life from 12 months to 2 years. The important thing is to use the brand to confirm how long their food can stay on your shelf and is still safe for your dog.

Once mixed with water, leftovers from dehydrated food can usually be kept in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. When reusing leftovers, it is best to add some warm water, enough to improve the taste and aroma of your four-legged friends.

Air-dried/ freeze-dried/dehydrated dog food

In the field of freeze-dried, air-dried, and dehydrated dog food, each has some similarities, helping your dog get high-nutrient, easy-to-prepare and delicious food.

Air-Dried Dog Food

As it sounds, air-dried dog food takes away the ingredients and removes moisture by air-drying. In order to ensure that all potentially harmful diseases or pathogens are killed, many air-dried foods undergo multiple rounds of drying.

Air-dried dog food is known for its gentle processing, which helps the ingredients retain their natural enzymes, nutrients and vitamins. Most air-dried dog food is original, without any water or other ingredients.

Freeze-Dried Dog Food

For freeze-dried dog food and freeze dried puppy food, all water is removed from the ingredients while keeping the food frozen. Its freezing method keeps its composition from exceeding the frozen temperature, which means that the nutrients remain basically intact. Freeze-dried foods often have a tendency to crumble, but are still very nutritious for your dog.

Dehydrated Dog Food

Dehydrated dog food undergoes minimal heating and pressure treatment to remove moisture from the ingredients. In order to retain the natural enzymes, nutritional value, and vitamins in the raw materials, "cooking" is done at a very low temperature.

Dehydrated dog food is usually "rehydrated" with water before giving it to your dog. This rehydration helps your dog get enough water as part of their daily mealtime.

Dehydrated Dog Food: The Ultimate Guide

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