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Is Freeze-dried Pet Food Suitable for Large Dogs? - 翻译中...

The protein content of freeze dry pet food is high. Large dogs need more nutrition, so it is suitable for them to eat freeze dried meat for dogs. Meat pieces are fine for large dogs to eat from time to time, but it is not recommended to eat for a long time.

Now that we have talked about freeze dried meat for dogs, there are some small tips I would like to share. Interested dog owners can read on.

Ⅰ. Is it better for dogs to eat freeze dried meat for dogs or meat loaf?

Most dogs like to eat meat. Raw meat is in line with the taste of most dogs, and raw meat has high nutritional value, but it is bloody for large dogs to eat raw meat directly. There are many parasites and bacteria in raw meat so it is not hygienic to feed large dogs raw meat, which may make large dogs get sick.

Some dog owners cook raw meat before feeding it to large dogs, which is also fine. But when raw meat is cooked at high temperatures, some of its nutrients are lost.

So dog owners might as well give dogs freeze dried meat for dogs. Freeze dried meat for dogs belongs to raw meat. After processing, the fungi in it have been cleaned, and many dogs also like to eat it, so it is better for dogs to eat freeze dry pet food.

Ⅱ. How to feed dogs freeze dry pet food?

There are many kinds of freeze dried meat for dogs. Generally speaking, there are chicken, beef, duck, quail, salmon, etc. Dog owners can buy according to the dog's preferences and their own needs.

1. Soak the freeze-dried meat and feed it to the dog

It is also possible for dogs to eat freeze dried meat directly, but occasionally you can try soaking the freeze-dried meat for dogs until it is soft for the dog to eat. Although the freeze-dried meat is raw meat, it can be soaked in water. After soaking, the freeze-dried meat becomes soft, and the dog will feel a different flavor when eating it.

Some dogs may occasionally hurt their mouths or have a bad stomach. At this time, softer freeze-dried meat is more suitable than hard ones. Special reminder to dog owners that freeze dried meat for dogs is raw meat, so it cannot be soaked in hot water.

2. Grind the freeze dried meat to powder and feed it to the dog

Grind the freeze-dried meat to powder for feeding. Then you can mix it with other foods. If the dog is tired of other foods, adding freeze-dried meat can make the dog fall in love with those foods again.

For example, when the dog is tired of dog food, the dog owner can grind the freeze-dried meat into powder with a rolling pin and add it to the dog food. When the dogs eat the dog food, they can enjoy the deliciousness of the freeze dried meat for dogs.

Dog owners can also mix the freeze-dried powder with vegetables, so that the dog can eat vegetables obediently. For some dogs who are picky eaters, this method is good.

3. Change to freeze-dried food with different flavors

There are many flavors of freeze-dried meat. Different flavors of freeze dried meat for dogs are made from different meats, such as freeze-dried beef, chicken, duck, quail, salmon, and so on.

The dog owner can see which ones the dog prefers, then choose different flavors of freeze dried food for dogs, let the dog try more. Often rotate them to feed the dogs , so that the dog can change the flavor frequently, and it is not easy for them to get tired of freeze-dried food.

Ⅲ. How to choose the best freeze dry pet food?

Since freeze dried food is a small snack used by many dog owners to train dogs, it is very common in the market. When choosing, dog owners should look at the list of the ingredients in freeze-dried food to see if there is any problem with the production date, shelf life and other information.

Because freeze dried food does not require adding preservatives during the production process, if the there are not many additives in the list, and the date is relatively fresh, then you can buy this freeze dried meat for dogs back and let your large dog eat it and see if it likes the meat.

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