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Freeze-dried Pet Snacks Market is Large and Has Good Prospects - 翻译中...

1. What are freeze-dried pet snacks?

The advantage of freeze-dried pet snacks is that they can maintain their own freshness and nutrients, and can be stored at room temperature for more than 5 years without preservatives.

It first appeared in the menu of Apollo moon landing astronauts. Because the finished product is light in weight, easy to carry and transport, freeze-dried food has also begun to enter people's daily life, becoming a leisure and convenient health food.

The current freeze-dried pet snacks are still more conventional, such as freeze-dried fruit slices, freeze-dried vegetables, freeze-dried beef and soup products.

The reason for achieving such a high dehydration rate and locking the nutrition of the food itself has to rely on the futuristic technology in the food industry - freeze-drying technology. This technology originated in Russia in the 1940s, although it was introduced to China relatively late.

2. The development history of freeze-dried pet snack technology

The working principle of this technology is actually not complicated. Simply put, freeze-drying is actually a sublimation process of frozen products. When the frozen liquid begins to transform into a gaseous state, sublimation occurs. The entire freeze-dried pet snack process mainly includes three stages: pre-freezing, primary drying, and secondary drying.

3. The change process of freeze-dried pet snacks

During the entire freeze-drying process, accurate freezing methods and proper storage are essential. With continuous exploration and development, today's freeze-drying technology is also very mature, freeze-dried pet snacks are very popular, and there are often situations in which demand exceeds supply.

Although the development of freeze-dried pet snacks in China started late, companies in the freeze-dried pet snacks market are also very strong in follow-up efforts.

Freeze-dried pet snacks, which can greatly preserve the nutritional content of food, and do not need to add preservatives, will usher in a broad development prospect.

Tianjin Ranova Petfood Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. It is a pioneer in the production of pet food in China and a leader in the production of freeze-dried pet food and smart pet food. It is equipped with the world's most advanced vacuum freeze-drying equipment, the degree of automation and production capacity are in the leading position in the world. The production line is fully designed in accordance with international food industry standards and adopts the world's advanced information management model. Thanks to such advanced equipment and management mode, its product quality has been fully guaranteed.

From well-known veterinarians to outstanding professors, masters and doctors in the field of nutrition and food, the core R&D members of Tianjin Ranova Petfood Co., Ltd. have developed 12 patented products with exclusive intellectual property rights. In addition, more independent intellectual property rights and production technology projects are under application. Welcome customers from all over the world to visit and consult.

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